About Us

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Simulation centre is a unique facility delivering expert multi professional healthcare training.

The simulation centre is a flexible environment designed to facilitate the development of clinical skills, situational awareness and team training through interactive scenarios across a range of clinical settings.

We are able to develop and deliver bespoke training packages for the multi-disciplinary team as well as provide undergraduate and postgraduate medical education programmes.

Staff are able to continue their professional development and learn new skills and techniques in a modern, purpose-built, state of the art facility.

We have a wide range of experience and expertise in relation to utilising critical incidents, key patient safety agenda and specific curriculum competencies which aids teaching.

The centre has a large multi-purpose area which can be set as an ICU room, anaesthetic room, emergency department resuscitation room, obstetric or theatre environment. We also have a separate four bedded ward area which can be used for a variety of courses.

Both areas can be run independently or together depending on the nature of the course. The two areas are fully supported by AV equipment which allows for real time video feedback and recording of footage.

We use a wide range of manikins in our clinical training and these can be controlled either by the course faculty or our dedicated team of technicians.

Our manikins include;

  • SimMan 3G
  • SimMan ALS
  • 5yr Old HAL
  • 1yr old HAL
  • Sim baby
  • Newborn HAL
  • Noelle

Please read our Simulation  Strategy 2020 -2024  here.


We currently run a wide range of simulation courses; click on the button below to go to our courses page.

For any enquiries regarding a course please email:

In-Situ Simulation

Simulation is becoming a well-recognised modality of healthcare education. The ability to imitate the health care setting in a safe environment provides effective education with positive learning outcomes for individuals and teams.

We deliver both in-centre and in-situ simulation. In-situ simulation enhances the learning environment through active experimentation in the clinical area. This method of delivery can identify inhibitory factors around systems and processes and allows for the learning to be taken directly to the clinical environment.

If you are interested in developing in-situ training for your clinical environment please contact Tracey Harrison Simulation Training Lead at tracey.harrison@bthft.nhs.uk.


We provide support to individuals wishing to develop bespoke courses to meet the training needs of their clinical areas. If you are interested in developing your own simulation course please contact;

Tracey Harrison or Dr Liz Jones, Simulation Lead Elizabeth.jones@bthft.nhs.uk


We can offer a range of administrative support to help you with the facilitation of your course. This ranges from booking the course and contacting your delegates to providing pre-course material and certification. Each course is evaluated and a full breakdown of the evaluation will be sent to the course director following each course.

Catering and refreshments can also be arranged for your event.


Contact details;

Facilities.administration@bthft.nhs.uk or 01274 366239.


We can offer the assistance of a dedicated technical team who are able to support with the running of manikins and the use of the AV equipment. Technical assistance is also available for the running of in-situ simulation.

Contact Us

The simulation centre is based within Education Services, Field House, Bradford Royal Infirmary.

For any enquiries relating to simulation at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, please contact Tracey Harrison, Simulation Training Lead on 01274 383392, alternatively email tracey.harrison@bthft.nhs.uk.