This purpose built state of the art facility has been specifically designed to provide an innovative and effective learning environment.

It is a large modern facility that allows the delivery of courses focusing on a wide range of technical skills in medical and surgical techniques.

We have developed a range of animal tissue models that are used in an increasing number of courses to aid in surgical skills.

There are 12 individual teaching stations plus an educator’s station equipped with high quality lighting suitable for work top skills teaching. These are supplemented by 7 wall mounted microscopes plus mobile units suitable for a wide range of surgical procedures.

We have a number of high definition virtual reality trainers for laparoscopic and hysteroscopy training plus virtual endoscopy trainers simulating upper and lower GI endoscopies and bronchoscopy.

Other simulators available include;

  • Fast scan ultrasound trainer
  • Medaphor ultrasound trainer
  • Aminocentesis Ultrasound training model
  • Central line training models
  • Thoracentesis and Thoracostomy Manikin

Our dental training room houses 6 ADEC phantom heads that can be used for a wide range of dental training.

Both areas have presentation facilities that can be used by the tutor or trainee. The whole facility is linked audio-visually with the ability of cameras and screens to operate two ways from all stations.

We have storage facilities suitable for both animal and cadaveric specimens and a designated preparation and cleaning room.


We currently run a wide range of technical skills courses; click on the link below to go to our courses section of the site.

Our Courses

For any enquiries regarding a course please email:


We provide support to individuals wishing to develop bespoke courses to meet the training needs of their clinical areas. If you are interested in developing your own technical skills course please contact;

Tracey Harrison or Maulik Gandhi, Technical Skills Lead, maulik.gandhi@bthft.nhs,uk


We can offer a range of administrative support to help you with the facilitation of your course. This ranges from booking the course and contacting your delegates to providing pre course material and certification. All courses are evaluated and a full breakdown of the evaluation will be sent to the course director following each course.

Catering and refreshments can also be arranged for your event.

Contact details;

or 01274 366239.


We can offer the assistance of a dedicated technical team who are able to support with the running of the technical equipment and the use of the AV equipment. The technical team can also work with you in developing animal tissue models to support your course.

Drop in sessions

We are able to offer drop in sessions for those individuals wishing to use the simulators in the Technical skills facility. Please ensure that you have received training on these simulators before arranging a session or alternatively arrange training with one of our technical team.

To arrange a session please email, alternatively phone the team on 07791 608552.

Drop in sessions can be arranged at short notice if the facility is not in use.

Contact Us

For any enquiries relating to the technical skills facility and dental laboratory at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, please contact Tracey Harrison, Simulation Training Lead on 01274 383392, alternatively email

The technical Skills facility and Dental laboratory is based within Education Services, Field House, Bradford Royal Infirmary.