Bibliographic databases allow you to formulate complex search strategies to focus your search on the most relevant literature for your research question. Contact us at if you would like training or support in using a bibliographic database for literature searching


EBSCOhost provides a single online destination to build a search using all or a selection from the following databases:


The HDAS platform is provided by HEE and NICE and is a gateway to the following databases:

  • AMED
  • BNI
  • HMIC
  • Medline
  • PsychINFO
  • PubMed


Ovid provides a single online destination to build a search using the following databases:


Google Scholar

Google Scholar just like Google but with non-academic material filtered out. This may be useful if you need to do a literature search which is not solely focused on medicine, nursing or allied health subjects.


PubMed this platform is offered by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and covers Medline and a wide range of journal publications. Access to the database is free but remember you may have to follow links which will allow you to login via OpenAthens in order to read the full text of articles.


How do I sign in to these databases?

OpenAthens is the key to accessing all our subscription resources. If you have not yet signed up for an OpenAthens account, you can self-register online

How do I use these databases?

Our librarians are highly skilled in using these databases for literature searching and they can offer 1:1 training or group/induction training for your team or students on how to utilise our databases to provide optimum results for specific queries. Email us at to book a training session with one of our librarians.

Can the library do the searching for me?

Yes, we offer a literature search service to all staff at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as well as to GPs, dentists, optometrists, primary care and commissioning staff in Bradford and Airedale. Please note that the literature search request service is intended to support NHS related work or CPD and not to support university courses as assessment is often based on the ability of students to formulate their own literature search strategies.

Why can’t I download some of the articles listed?

The databases help you to discover what has been published on a subject. OpenAthens authentication then allows you to click through to the full text of the journals we subscribe to nationally and locally. Where we don’t have immediate full text access to an article library members can use the article request service and we will apply to our partner libraries or the British Library for you.