The term ‘Point of Care Tools’ can sometimes sound like jargon but the basic concept is this; there are times when certain specifics of clinical practice need to be quickly ‘looked-up’ and public search engines such as Google don’t filter to the most reputable results. The best practice is to use a reputable clinical database which provides results on thousands of commonly searched clinical queries, this is the purpose of a ‘Point of Care tool’.

BMJ Best Practice

Our library has subscribed to BMJ Best Practice for all our staff working in a range of clinical specialities. It is a frequently updated decision-support tool for use at the point of care. Structured around the patient consultation, it presents the required information just as it’s needed. Features include links to appropriate NICE guidelines for each condition,BNF and BNF Children, patient leaflets, procedural videos and recent articles on evidence-based practice.

How to quickly access:

Via a computer device

BMJ Best Practice is accessible alongside our other e-resources on the Open Athens portal. This is beneficial for our staff who wish to access the portal at home as all Open Athens resources can be accessed through using your Open Athens logins to sign up to the webpage.

Via a mobile device

Information can be accessed quickly online via the mobile responsive website, or offline with the award winning app. When accessing BMJ Best Practice on the web, you will be prompted to set up a ‘personal account’. The account login details can then be used to download the app for free via your mobile app store:
App storeGoogle play button

NICE Evidence search

An excellent source of point of care information and research papers, which allows you to filter by information type (e.g. systematic review, treatment guidelines), information provider and area of interest (public health, clinical or drugs, with cross searching and links with the British National Formulary).


UpToDate is an industry leading clinical decision support tool. Just like BMJ Learning, UptoDate provides patient information and calculators. Search results can be filtered by specialty or patient age group (adult or paediatrics). This tool also provides information on drug interactions however it does not include links to the BNF as it is not a British application.

How to quickly access:

UpToDate access instructions are downloadable here.

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