National Patient Safety Week

National Patient Safety Week

It’s National Patient Safety Week (13th-19th March 2022), the Education Department is delighted to launch some new training for all staff within BTHFT.  As a result of Health Education England’s NHS-wide Patient Safety Syllabus all NHS employees will receive enhanced patient safety training. This e-learning will help provide a foundation for us all to think differently about safety, recognising that regardless of our role, we all have a vital role to play in preventing harm and recognising risks.

This training will be essential for all staff within BTHFT regardless of whether you work clinically or non-clinically, as creating and promoting safety for our patients is everybody’s business.

From 12th  September 2022, this training will be required as high priority training for all staff, which means it must be completed and will affect your ESR training compliance.

Given the current pressures within the Trust, staff will be offered a grace period in which to complete the training. This will allow you time to complete the training before managers and the Education Department begin to actively chase those who have not completed. However, we urge you to complete this training as soon as possible; it takes less than 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed easily through ESR.

Completing this training helps to demonstrate that here at BTHFT we are passionate about raising the profile of safety within our Organisation, and we are all taking positive steps to contribute a culture of safety for our patients, staff and visitors.

What do I need to do?

The e-learning package is completed through ESR – available here: 000 Patient Safety Level 1 – Essentials for all staff

Or by searching ESR catalogue for ‘000 Patient Safety’.

Training reception will be able to support if you are having difficulties accessing this training

What more can I to do?

If following completion of your training, you want to further develop your skills and knowledge with regards to patient safety, there are additional modules available to you on ESR. We would advise staff working at a Band 7 and above level, and those involved in incident investigation complete the ‘Essentials for boards and senior leadership’ module too.

000 Patient Safety Level 1 – Essentials for boards and senior leadership

000 Patient Safety Level 2 – Access to Practice