Special Pandemic Release

I am delighted to advise you that all NHS Acute Hospital, Community Care, and Mental Health Trust’s now have access to the ClinicalSkills.net Special Pandemic Release. Each organisation has been issued with a unique login which your IT department will have embedded onto your Trust intranet so staff can access the materials once logged in.

ClinicalSkills.net is a quick and easy-to-use online educational and reference resource providing step-by-step guidance to a vast range of clinical nursing procedures with accompanying graphics. With content written by specialist authors and editors, it is regularly updated and double-blind peer reviewed. It has become recognised as one of the best online nursing resources of its kind and I hope over the coming months your staff will be able to draw on it as a valuable aid in the delivery of patient care.

The roll out and deployment to over 150 organisations has taken place at unprecedented speed and consequently our level of communication has been limited. I therefore need to remind you that whilst ClinicalSkills.net is being made freely available to your organisation it remains a product under license, that HEE has committed to on your behalf. It is incumbent upon all organisations to ensure no trust will abuse the generosity of ClinicalSkills.net by making their content available beyond the exclusive use of their own staff during the pandemic.  Please ensure that this is understood so our agreement with ClinicalSkills.net is not put in jeopardy

Finally, I am incredibly grateful for the hard work and time freely given by the ClinicalSkills.net team.   Should you have any queries please contact Simon Marote via simonmarote@clinicalskills.net