Pastoral and Preceptorship

The pastoral and preceptorship team engage in a variety of development and support activities for registrants that helps them to stay and stay healthy at BTHFT. The team also plans, organises, implements, and evaluates the BTHFT multi-professional preceptorship programme.

Legacy Nurse Mentors

A legacy nurse mentor is an experienced nurse employed specifically to provide mentoring, coaching and pastoral support to newly registered nurses and nursing associates transitioning from student to autonomous confident professional.

 The team supports:

  • Newly qualified nurses & nursing associates to support role transition.
  • International nurses as they adapt to different ways of working.
  • Registrants returning to practice after some time away.
  • Registrants undergoing a change of role.
  • Any nurse or nursing associate that feels they need extra support.
Multi-professional Preceptorship

Multi-professional Preceptorship is a structured period of support for newly qualified nurses, nursing associates, midwives or Allied Health Professionals (AHP) when they start employment at BTHFT. Also included in preceptorship are international recruits, return to practice registrants and registrants experiencing role change. The main aim is to welcome and integrate practitioners into their new team and place of work. A portfolio of evidence enables registrants to engage in activities that support successful integration into the team. Working with a preceptor, the preceptees engage in self-assessment in order to develop an individualised action plan that supports learning & progression. Legacy mentors provide an additional layer of support for both preceptors and preceptees. By the end of preceptorship registrants are encouraged to plan for the next stage of their career. This includes continuing professional development, and for some registrants revalidation to keep their registration current. 

Preceptor Preparation Sessions

Sessions have been prepared to help preceptors to perform their role. The session focuses on:

  • The preceptorship journey.
  • The role of the preceptor and preceptee
  • Self-assessment and developing an action plan.
  • Portfolio building
  • Giving high quality feedback

Meet the Team

John Kelly
Education Lead for Pastoral & Preceptorship

01274 38 3869

Allan Barstow
Legacy Nurse Mentor

Amanda Hudson
Legacy Nurse Mentor

Amelia Burton
Legacy Nurse Mentor

Jan Foster
Legacy Nurse Mentor

Saiqa Shokat
Legacy Nurse Mentor