Simulation Centre & Technical Skills

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a state-of-the-art facility delivering expert multidisciplinary healthcare training.  We offer a platform for all members of the multi-professional team to learn in safe and engaging environment to improve patient safety and safe working practices.


We can offer the assistance of an experienced dedicated technical team who are able to support with the running of manikins, technical equipment, and the use of the AV equipment.

Full technical assistance is available for the running of in-situ simulation sessions.


For further details please email or call 01274 366239.

We can offer a range of administrative support to help you with the facilitation of your course. This ranges from booking the course, contacting your delegates, to providing pre-course material and certification. Each course will be evaluated and a full breakdown summary will be sent to the course director and faculty members following each course.

We are also able to arrange a wide range of catering and refreshments for your event.

Meet the Team

Tracey Harrison
Education Lead for Simulation Training


Lee Metcalfe
Senior Education Technician


Ben Bucki
Education Technician


Polly Robinson
Education Technician

Homera Parveen
Education Administrator