Practical skills training

This is an interactive theory and practical session which aims to provide staff with the relevant theory and practical skills to competently perform a 12 Lead ECG. Courses currently run once a month and are open to any clinical staff.

This is an interactive theory and practical session illustrating roles, responsibilities and accountability of staff that will be responsible for Administering Intravenous Medication to patients. It also covers the safe use of infusion devices such as Alaris infusion pumps. These sessions run monthly and are currently only available to Registered Nurses and Midwives.

This is an interactive theory and practical session providing the knowledge and identifying the responsibilities of staff that require the skills to perform venepuncture and/or cannulation. There is an opportunity to practice the skill on a manikin arm during the session. These courses are in high demand, and places are taken up very quickly. Sessions currently run twice a month, and are open to all clinical staff.

This is part of the mandatory training all staff wishing to join the TNR as healthcare assistants need to complete, and covers the basics of recording patient observations such as blood pressure and pulse, as well as how to calculate a NEWS score accurately. Sessions run twice monthly and need to be booked through the TNR office.

This is an interactive theory and practical session illustrating roles, responsibilities and accountability of staff when performing and managing urethral catheterisation for both male and female patients. Manikins are available for staff to practice on during the session. This is a popular course and places are limited so sessions often fill quickly. Sessions run monthly and are open to all registered nurses, midwives and nursing associates.

This is a fully interactive day using simulation training alongside some theory elements. Delegates develop the skills needed to safely transfer low risk patients in between the wards and other clinical areas both pre and post procedures where patients may have been given a general anaesthetic, local anaesthetic or sedation. Sessions run every quarter and are aimed primarily at heath care support staff, however all clinical staff are welcome to attend.

Theory based sessions:

This is a session designed to update staff on the safe administration of medicines. It will cover local concerns, policy and guidelines, providing a refresher for existing practice, and also a way of disseminating any practice updates. It will include discussion of the human factors in medication administration error, discussion of BTHFT medicines incidents to provide local context, management of anaphylaxis and patient group directions. Sessions run twice a month on Core Training Days, with extra sessions as per demand. Sessions are open to all clinical staff needing to attend refresher sessions.

This session covers the theory element of informed consent, concentrating on the legal, professional and ethical responsibilities that need to be considered when obtaining consent. We currently only offer four sessions per year due to demand for places, and sessions are open to all registered nurses who are involved in obtaining consent from patients.

This is a new session planned to run in 2017/2018 onwards, and will cover the latest NICE guidance on the prescription, administration and evaluation of IV fluid therapy in adult patients, and will provide the tools necessary for nursing staff to safely manage IV fluid therapy for all adult patients. Sessions will be open to all registered nurses, and run monthly.

This is a Trust Wide training day which allows all staff regardless of role to come together to learn as one team and incorporates the following sessions:

  • Fire Safety Updates
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Blood Transfusion Theory
  • Collecting Blood
  • Organising Receipt of Blood
  • Preparing to Administer Blood
  • Moving and Handling Update
  • Safe Administration of Medicines
  • Basic Life Support
  • Conflict Resolution

Provision is also made for staff to complete any e learning if needed throughout the day. These days run twice a month and anyone needing to update their training in any of the above subjects need to book via ESR or via training reception.

All courses are facilitated by the clinical skills education service.
For any information on any of the courses below please contact:

Allison Ellis
Clinical Skills Lead
Field House
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Tel no: 01274 383844

Ann Lovatt
Clinical Skills Educator
Field House
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Tel no: 01274 383427

Rachel Shine
Clinical Skills Educator
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Tel no: 01274 366621

To book a place on any course, please use ESR or contact Training Reception. All requested places will need to be agreed by your line manager before any places are confirmed. A separate email will be sent to them asking for their approval.