The Systems and Access Training team are located in the Computer Learning Suite in Field House Education Centre at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The Systems and Access Team provide training on the following Systems;

  • EPR
  • Medway
  • Systm One
  • Chemocare

We also provide training and support with the Referral to Treatment guidelines (RTT).
To book onto the course please email or call 01274 366329.

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Electronic Patient Record was introduced in the Trust in September 2017.
We offer the following EPR Courses;

  • EPR- A&E Admin
  • A&E Doctor
  • A&E Nurse
  • Allied Health Professional
  • Capacity Management
  • Clinical Coding
  • CPBS
  • Doctor
  • Health Care Scientist
  • HIM Tracking
  • HCA
  • Nurse
  • Medical Secretary and Waiting Lists
  • Midwifery
  • OP Reception
  • Paeds Nurse
  • View Only

The Medway system is used in our Maternity department to record a pregnancy from the point of referral into the hospital to being discharged from community.

We offer the following courses;

  • Medway Midwifery
  • Medway Medical
  • Medway Bespoke

We offer the following course;

  • Basic Overview of Systm One

Chemocare is used in our oncology department to track a patients treatment journey.

We offer the following course;

  • Basic Overview of Chemocare

We offer training to understand the different referral processes into the Trust and the patient journey. It will help gain skills in applying RTT knowledge in successfully undertaking your day to day role.

EPR Video Suite

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