Simulation Centre

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s (BTHFT) Simulation centre is a unique facility delivering expert multi professional healthcare training.   We are an award-winning recognised centre of excellence, providing simulation and technical skills training for health professionals both regionally and nationally. We work with a number of external partners in developing and delivering simulation courses and our facilities are available for hire.

We are very proud to have recently been awarded ASPiH accredited organisation status; this recognises and acknowledges the standards and values that we uphold in all our simulation-based education. The accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the delivery of high-quality simulation-based education and technology enhanced learning. 

The simulation team is committed to delivering the centre’s mission statement of ‘delivering patient centred, high quality, multi-professional learning through simulation-based education’. This statement is aligned to the Trust’s strategic objectives of providing outstanding care for patients and be a continually learning organisation.

BTHFT simulation centre is a purpose built, flexible area that provides an immersive environment that can be utilised to simulate a wide variety of clinical settings. There are two clinical areas, which can be transformed into a variety of clinical settings, including a resuscitation area, an operating theatre, ICU room and a ward setting.

Both areas can be run independently or together depending on the nature of the course from a dedicated control room which features a one-way mirror to allow facilitators to view the activity.  

In addition to the ‘clinical’ areas, the centre also has 2 additional teaching rooms which can be used when facilitating the debrief.

The simulation centre is fully supported with an integrated SMOTS digital AV camera system. This can be used to facilitate debrief as well as having the capability to live stream, record, and playback video footage with audio.

We also have several mobile cameras that can be used outside of the simulation centre.

We use a wide range of manikins in our simulation training, these can be controlled either by the course faculty or our dedicated team of technicians.

Our manikins include:

  • high fidelity adult manikins
  • high fidelity birthing manikin
  • high fidelity paediatric manikins – age range from neonatal to 5 years

Accredited by the Royal College of Anaesthetists we run the national Giving Anaesthesia Safely Again (GASAgain) Course as well as Critical Care Transfer Courses, Introduction to Emergency Medicine, and Paediatric Palliative Care Course to name just a few.

Faculty Involvement

We welcome anyone that is interested in developing their skills in simulation-based education.  If you are interested in joining the faculty for any of our courses, please get in touch. We also offer Faculty training courses which we strongly encourage anyone with a passion for simulation to attend.

In-Situ Simulation

Simulation is becoming a well-recognised modality of healthcare education.

In addition to in-centre courses we can offer and support in-situ simulation, this consists of carrying out simulation-based education within the clinical environment. This type of training has the advantage that staff are already familiar with their surroundings which adds to the realism of the scenario. A further advantage to this type of training is the identification of any latent risks, which allows for improvements to be made to the clinical environment or processes. In-situ simulation not only allows for the learning to be taken directly to the clinical environment but is allows the training to be accessible to all members of the multi-disciplinary team. Undertaking in-situ simulation provides valuable information around patient safety, systems and processes and operational activity of wards and departments.

If you are interested in developing in-situ training for your clinical environment please contact Tracey Harrison, Simulation Training Lead.


We can offer the assistance of an experienced dedicated technical team who are able to support with the running of manikins, technical equipment, and the use of the AV equipment.

Full technical assistance is available for the running of in-situ simulation sessions.


For further details please email or call 01274 366239.

We can offer a range of administrative support to help you with the facilitation of your course. This ranges from booking the course, contacting your delegates, to providing pre-course material and certification. Each course will be evaluated and a full breakdown summary will be sent to the course director and faculty members following each course.

We are also able to arrange a wide range of catering and refreshments for your event.

Venue Hire

BTHFT Simulation centre is available to hire, we are able to offer our facilities for external parties to run their own simulation based courses or offer the venue for filming.