Study Leave and Travel Expenses

Access to education and training away from the workplace is an integral part of the Personal Development Programme for all trainees, supporting achievement of the learning outcomes specified in specialty and generic curricula. Educational events and opportunities (including web-based learning, clinical skills, and simulator training) are available both locally and regionally. Doctors and dentists in training are encouraged to utilise these opportunities which are supported by Educational and Clinical Supervisors, Training Programme Directors, and Heads of Schools. All educational and training requests should meet the requirements detailed within Dental, Foundation or Specialty College Curricular. The Deanery also recognises that, in some specialties, trainees will need to access specialised training events and opportunities that are arranged outside the Deanery.

All trainees must follow the local Trust application process for formal authorisation when making all applications to access education and training events occurring outside the workplace. This will involve logging in to your account on Accent Leave Manager (ALM).

Account Activation

To activate your user account, click the Forgotten Password link on the login page:

Your username on Accent Leave Manager is the email address that you have registered with HEE and held on the Trainee Information System (TIS). This is also the email address at which you have received this email.

If you need to change the email address you have registered with HEE, please contact the Programme Support team for your school noting your full name, GMC/GDC number, and preferred e-mail address. A password reset link will then be emailed to you from – you will need to check your junk/spam folder as your email provider may filter the email.


Once logged in, you will then need to complete and submit an application form for the relevant approvals.

The administrative arrangements within the Trust or GP Surgery may vary, so it is important to obtain this information early on in each rotation. It should be given during Induction and is always available through the Trust based Medical and Dental Education Centre or GP Surgery Practice Manager.

Please see below the documentation and information that you will need throughout the study leave process:

Study Leave Process Flow Chart

ALM Infographic

ALM Guidance for Applicants

HEE Y&H Study Leave Operational Guidance

Study Leave Expenses Claim Form
  • A list of claimable expenses are listed on the Expenses Claim Form. Please ensure you refer to this before noting down your expenses. Please note, any expenses that exceed the limits provided will not be reimbursed by Payroll.
  • The completed expenses form should be submitted via email to after the course/training/teaching has been attended and within 6 weeks of the event taking place. Please note, if submitted before the given start date of the course/training/teaching, your Expenses Claim Form will be rejected and you will be asked to re-submit once attended. If your Expenses Claim Form is submitted after the 6 week deadline, it may be declined.
  • A receipt is required for each expense being claimed. These must also be provided when submitting the Expenses Claim Form. Please note, payroll will not reimburse any expenses without evidence of payment.
  • If you are travelling using your own vehicle, travel expenses can be calculated at 0.28p per mile. A receipt is not required for this. Fuel is not reimbursed and parking receipts are classed as subsistence.

Please visit the HEE Yorkshire & Humber website for more information regarding Study Leave

Travel Expenses

  • Travel expenses claims should be submitted via email to
  • For GP doctors in training claiming home visit expenses, please ensure your expenses claim is countersigned by your local Practice Manager/Supervisor before submitting it for reimbursement
  • Travel claims must be submitted within 3 months


Connor Hargreaves
Education Administrator