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enhance – For Foundation Doctors

“ENHANCE is the best thing I’ve done as an FY Doctor. It has helped prevent burnout, reminding me of all the possible ways I can help patients and their communities through generalist medicine. It has inspired me to get the best out of interactions with patients and colleagues, by encouraging my curiosity to understand the person and the community at the centre of NHS healthcare.”

Enhancing Generalist Skills in Yorkshire

The enhance programme aligns with the UKFPO Foundation curriculum priorities and the NHS Long-term
Workforce Plan to promote the development of generalist skills in order to work effectively across
the health and care landscape, drive change and improve patient care.

Enhance Enable in F1

Work at your own pace, in your self-development time, to demonstrate your Foundation competences
and learn leadership skills to benefit your CV.

F2 Modules

The modules can be done in any order but we recommend these in F2. Each module takes about 4- 6