BTHFT became one of the first Foundation Trusts in April 2004. A year earlier we became a teaching hospital to train the next generation of doctors. During this time the NHS has changed and the public now expect ever better services. Since 2003, we have built an excellent reputation for the training of new doctors in partnership with the Universities of Leeds and Bradford. We have built new facilities for those students and have plans to further increase these in the coming years. These facilities benefit all clinicians in training both for their first degree and post-graduate education programmes.

You will receive both a general induction and departmental induction here at BTHFT. The general induction will cover generic information important to your role.  The departmental induction will be organised by your designated team and will be much more specific with regards to what your day to day duties entail. It is important that you attend both inductions as they are often essential for patient safety and are necessary to progress throughout training.


Bradford Teaching Hospitals is committed to providing newly qualified doctors with support in their Foundation year 1 and Foundation Year 2 training.  Our trainees leave with a wealth of experience and reflect on their time here positively, feeling much stronger and confident in their ability to deal with acutely unwell patients and ready to embrace speciality training.

We have very supportive Foundation Training Programme directors who are all experienced in their roles.

The Foundation Training Programme in Bradford is part of the Health Education Yorkshire and Humber Foundation School and each programme has 3 x four month placements in a variety of specialties and healthcare settings.

The rotations give excellent exposure to both acute unwell and community patients. We are unique in that we offer all F2 trainees mandatory surgical and medicine training days which are very well received.

The links will direct you to documentation and information that you will need throughout your training with us.

Click HERE to view our Junior Doctors Handbook.

Foundation Training Programme Directors Year 1:

Dr Naeem Jagirdar, Dr Shafi Khan

FY1 ARCP Dates: 

Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd of June 2020


Click HERE to view HEYH Timetable for ARCP’s

Click HERE to view Horus checklist of Evidence

Click HERE to view ARCP Checklist 2019 – 2020

Foundation Training Programme Directors Year 2:

Dr Alistair Jones, Dr Nada Sabir

FY2 ARCP Dates: 

Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th of June 2020


Click HERE to view HEYH Timetable for ARCP’s

Click HERE to view Horus checklist of Evidence

Click HERE to view ARCP Checklist 2019 – 2020

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Standardised Computerised Revalidation Instrument for Prescribing and Therapeutics (SCRIPT)

For information on SCRIPT, please click on the link below:



For information on STEPP please click on the link below:


GP Training

Please click on the link below to direct you to the Bradford VTS Website: 

Training Programme Directors:

Dr Lucy Clarke

Dr Gareth Jones

Dr Hasna Begum

Dr Jessica Keeble

Dr Abid Iqbal

Access to education and training away from the workplace is an integral part of the Personal Development Programme for all trainees, supporting achievement of the learning outcomes specified in specialty and generic curricula. Educational events and opportunities (including web based learning, clinical skills and simulator training) are available both locally and regionally. Doctors and dentists in training are encouraged to utilise these opportunities which are supported by Educational and Clinical Supervisors, Training Programme Directors and Heads of Schools. All educational and training requests should meet the requirements detailed within Dental, Foundation or Specialty College Curricular. The Deanery also recognises that, in some specialties, trainees will need to access specialised training events and opportunities that are arranged outside the Deanery.

All trainees must follow the local Trust application process for formal authorisation when making all applications to access education and training events occur outside the workplace. This will involve downloading a standardised form from the Deanery Website. The administrative arrangements within the Trust or GP Surgery may vary, so it is important to obtain this information early on in each rotation – it should be given during Induction, and is always available through the Trust based Medical and Dental Education Centre or GP Surgery Practice Manager.

Please click on the links below to view more details on each:

Current Curriculum Delivery – Coming soon 

Study Leave Form

Study Leave Guidance – Coming soon 

Study Leave Flow Chart – Coming soon 

Updates and revisions on study leave will be issued from time to time and will be available on the Deanery website

You will receive your Trust induction with Bradford Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust at Field House Education Centre based at Bradford Royal Infirmary.  Please contact us find out the induction dates before you start and ensure that you attend.

See useful links below:

ID Badge Request Form 

IT New User Form

Parking Permit Form 

MRCPCH Course Content

The course is run once a year in the month of September.
The course is interactive and it will provide a safe environment where you can learn.  There is an excellent experienced team of clinicians delivering the course and you will be provided with feedback by the team.
This course is delivered over two days and will feature workshops, small group work, discussions and role play. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share revision techniques.

Necessary support has been identified in the following stations and areas:

History taking
Child Development
Presentation skills

Contact Us

Alida Towns – Post Graduate Medical Education Lead : 01274 383469

Vicky Williamson – Senior Education Administrator/STEPP Co-ordinator : 01274 382694

Mareka Hall – Foundation Programme Co-Ordinator : 01274 366239

Nadia Sultana – GP Education Administrator : 07903567042